Hosted vs Installed


Yes, it is possible to have Explorit working for you, delivering rapid, precise, relevant search results in next to no time with our Hosted Solution. But, we also know from experience that many organizations and government bodies demand the increased security and peace of mind of knowing that Explorit¬†is installed behind their firewalls. Here is a simple breakdown to help you make the decision that’s right for your organization.

Hosted Solutions Installed Solutions
Application is centrally hosted in our state-of-the-art, failsafe Data Center. Application is securely installed behind your firewall.
Feature rich, standard application. Feature rich application that you can use as is, customize if you like, or completely replace with your own front-end that integrates with the Explorit back-end via our robust standards-based API.
Simple budgeting – One fee for hosting and maintenance. Requires IT staff to maintain servers and support application.
Deep Web Technologies can access the application at any time. Deep Web Technologies has limited or no access to the application.
Deep Web Technologies monitors and maintains connectors. Deep Web Technologies monitors and maintains accessible connectors.
Application has limited or no ability to access internal sources. Application can access internal sources.