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"Prior to medical research, death was an everyday occurence." - Katherine Dunn

Whether you’re doing research or providing care, you need access to all of the information that can help you do your job.  But there’s too much medical content available.  No one can see it all. Simply put, you’re missing relevant information.

Explorit Everywhere! covers the breadth of all the relevant content, and gives you the precice information you need to perform. 

Prove our concept.  Try our live demo covering 60 health information sources. 

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Innovative Medical Search

duke logo The Duke University Medical Center uses Explorit Everywhere! to provide seamless,  real time access all of the content available to its clinicians and researchers.

“From the moment eSearcher went live, feedback from various physician groups and committees was gathered. The most enthusiastic feedback we have received was from a Mount Carmel College of Nursing instructor who used eSearcher to find articles for his course. He has alloted an hour in his schedule for the article search, but by using eSearcher his task was completed in sixty seconds!”

-Donald Pearson, Mount Carmel Health System