Explorit Everywhere! for Big Data and the Enterprise

“Informed Employees are more productive than uninformed employees.” Henry Ford.

Enterprise Search Misses Important Content

In the age of Big Data, typical enterprise search often buries mission critical information under mountains of unimportant content. NOT finding the information you need costs you real money. The world’s most demanding, research intensive, blue chip companies trust Deep Web Technologies to deliver the best information to the right employees.

2 Statistics you should know

  • 90% of corporate employees make decisions with incomplete information.
  • 75% of your employees think access to your information is too difficult.

Explorit Everywhere! solves your 3 biggest Big Data problems:

  1. All of your disparate data sources are easily accessed.
  2. All employees know what information is available.
  3. All employees have real-time access to the latest content.
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63 sources – One box
Government science information

BASFlogo Deep Web Technologies aggregates all of BASF’s internal data bases and licensed subscriptions so that everyone in the company from research to sales can utilize the content they need, when they need it.