Progress. What a powerful idea. It is what has driven humanity for thousands of years. There is always a better way to do things. We can always achieve more. Nothing that is known by one of us is beyond the grasp of all of us. These are the beliefs that drive us forward.

Unfortunately there are technology companies – indeed technologies – that do not seem to fit this way of thinking. They are trivial, shallow examples of doing something simply because it’s possible rather than because it’s needed.

At Deep Web Technologies we have always seen technology as a means to an end, never as an end in itself.

We live in a world where the storage of human knowledge has never been easier. All the traditional forms of storage are still there, books and films and papers, but digital technology has enabled us to copy these things in a way that guarantees their survival almost indefinitely.

Having learned how to store our knowledge, next we had to have access to it. In this way, knowledge becomes an everyday tool, an accessible driver of progress rather than simply a record.

Helping thinkers, designers, scientists – anyone involved in moving the human race forward – to find the precise information that will inform their own efforts is not just our job at Deep Web Technologies, it is our calling.

As much as we may talk about searching, we know it is truly about finding. The search is the process that our technology enables but the findings – discovering the precise information that is being sought, or several pieces of information intelligently sorted and listed – is what drives progress.

Everyone who works at Deep Web Technologies shares this view of what we do. We never forget that one piece of a new puzzle discovered through our technology could change the world. But our role is a humble one; we simply enable users of our technology to find what they need.  We enable those who enable progress.