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We appreciate the opportunity to answer your questions about Explorit Everywhere! and to understand your search requirements. Provide us with some basic information and we’ll give you a price quote based on your needs. Our prices are based on some simple, yet fundamental questions. Please include this information in your message to us.

  1. Do you need a hosted or installed solution? Please see our chart to help identify your requirements.
  2. How many sources will you include in your application? Connectors are the backbone of Explorit Everywhere! and we take pride in connecting cleanly and securely to your content sources, while returning the most relevant results to your users. The number of sources you include will contribute to what pricing tier you fall into.
  3. Why are you investigating Explorit Everywhere! federated search? There is a wide spectrum of needs and requirements for a federated search application, all starting with the need for a single search portal of multiple content sources. But while some organizations are replacing an existing portal, others, for example, may only want to integrate search into an existing portal, intranet or guide for a select group of researchers. Please share with us what your motivations are for exploring federated search.

While we are reviewing your request, you might want to check out some of the publicly available Explorit Everywhere! applications. While not tailored specifically to your requirements, you will be able to see for yourself the quality and speed of results, the customizable interface and the logical way our intelligent clusters organize results.

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