Explorit for Government


Nowhere is the connection between what you know and what you do clearer and more critical than in Government. Lack of information leads to bad decisions. Poor information leads to misguided decisions. Only precise, current, organized information allows people in government to successfully govern.

And this is precisely why we created Explorit.

Deep Web Technologies has over ten years of experience creating federated search products that overcome the poor reputation established by underpowered implementations. We invite you to have your own experience of federated search done right.

Imagine the ability to search all your sources – web sites, databases, proprietary services – simultaneously and have the results returned logically organized by topics, allowing for intuitive exploration of any subject. This is what the Intelligent Clusters of Explorit provides.

Where security is key, Explorit can be licensed and installed behind organizational firewalls. And, of course Explorit is fully compliant with Government Standard 508.

Finding information is not enough. Keeping current is key. Explorit provides an alerts capability that performs searches on users’ behalf on a regular basis and delivers new and relevant results directly to users’ inboxes.

The totally customizable Explorit interface is clear, simple and requires little or no training of users before it can start delivering the kind of information discovery that smart government needs to do its job. And our world-class statistics and administrator tools package allows you to track usage.

Government is all about making smart decisions and they start with smarter search results. Quality results, not just lots of them.  That could be a description of good government itself but it happens to be what Explorit can bring to the often daunting task of governing.