Explorit for Libraries


Faculty, researchers, doctors and students expect quick and relevant search results with the least amount of effort. Our goal at Deep Web Technologies was to make Explorit the simplest to use search solution, requiring little or no training while still being the solution that returns the  fastest, most relevant and intelligently grouped results. And, in Academic, Public, Corporate and Medical Libraries, our customers tell us we succeeded.

Explorit allows all your sources – catalogs, databases and web sites – to be searched simultaneously. Results are grouped using Intelligent Clusters and five-star Relevance Ranking, so the most relevant results are right there at the top; no further searching through a random list is needed. And those results are clearly separated – books, journals and video sources are not haphazardly combined.

With Alerts, Explorit updates your results daily, emailing only new new results right to you. It’s the most effective method to discover new knowledge for the time-pressed researcher.

Explorit is simply the best search solution available for libraries of all kinds but our ten years’ experience has taught us that this alone is not enough. This is why we empower you, the Librarian, to customize
Explorit in ways that suit your particular users. No two libraries are identical; no two access the same sources or serve the same patrons. And our sole purpose as a company is to help you create what
you need. Our technology, your specifications.

Explorit Search Builder let’s you customize the interface to suit different user groups. All you will see is a subtle “Powered by Deep Web Technologies” statement.

And, to justify the value of our technology, we provide world-class statistics and administration tools that deliver high level and detailed metrics that allow you to see when, where and how the system is being used.