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Deep Web Technologies Adds Multilingual and Multimedia Search Capabilities to Its Explorit Research Accelerator

SANTA FE, N.M., June 21, 2011 — Deep Web Technologies™, the leader in federated search of the Deep Web, today announced full integration of multilingual and multimedia search into the company’s market-leading Explorit™ Research Accelerator. The patent-pending multilingual search capability is the first such feature ever offered for Deep Web search.

Multilingual federated search, unveiled June 11, 2010 in Helsinki at the International Council for Scientific and Technical Information’s Summer Conference and originally only available as a beta release to users of the gateway to global science, is now available to all Deep Web Technologies customers who require seamless access to foreign language documents. Explorit’s multilingual search capability translates a user’s search query into the native languages of the collections being searched, aggregates and ranks these results according to relevance, and translates result titles and snippets back to the user’s original language. The multilingual translation functionality, powered by Microsoft®, makes it simple to search collections in multiple languages from a single search box in the user’s native language.

Multimedia federated search, first introduced in the and portals, allows for seamless integration of audio, video, and image content sources into Explorit. searches seven multimedia sources: CDC Podcasts, CERN Multimedia, Medline Plus, NASA, NSF, NBII LIFE, and ScienceCinema. ScienceCinema is an exciting example of the ability to search speech indexed multimedia content. The DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) developed ScienceCinema in partnership with Microsoft. When multimedia sources are included in an Explorit search, images and links to multimedia content can be presented alongside text results or in a separate results tab.

Deep Web Technologies founder and President Abe Lederman explained the importance of the extended functionality of Explorit. “Deep Web Technologies has advanced the state-of-the-art of federated search. Until now scientists and researchers could only search text documents and only those in their native language. We’ve made access to the deep web deeper than it’s ever been. Language and media type are no longer obstacles to search.”

As both a customer as well as a partner in advancing the state of federated search, OSTI Director Dr. Walter Warnick underscored the importance of Deep Web Technologies’ innovations: “OSTI’s mission is to make R&D findings available to researchers and the public. We are never content to maintain the status quo when it comes to our mission. We push the envelope. Through our relationship with Deep Web Technologies we’ve multiplied the number of quality documents which we can now make available to the worldwide community of scientific researchers.”

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