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  • Mobile Search App Review & Road Test: Biznar

    Published on Mobile Groove
    Author: Charles Knight

    Today we are kicking off with a new look and a new series of alternative search engine iPhone and iPad app reviews and road tests with Biznar, a mobile search app available for both the iPhone and the iPad that takes a unique approach to searching for business related information.

    Why “alternative?” Because that’s where the excitement and the innovation is! Sure, our smartphone devices present us with three whole choices — Safari / Google, with Bing and Yahoo! (GBY) available in your ‘Settings’. However, our requirement (even demand) for more personal and precise search services and results on our personal mobile devices opens the door for dozens of alternative search engines to make their mark — and gain market share.

    That takes us to Biznar, a serious and comprehensive business search engine developed by Deep Web Technologies that uses a technique known as Federated Search to deliver results that GBY do not. (Biznar also has a sister app Mednar, which specializes in medical search.) More about the company and its mobile strategy in the companion post.

    Deep Web Technologies has built a reputation as the “researcher’s choice” for its advanced information discovery tools, and I concur. As I stated in the press release when their App was released in November of 2011: “For business and medical research, Deep Web Technologies has selected just the right approach for their Biznar and Mednar Apps: advanced Federated Search.

    Why is this approach significant? Because Biznar takes a different tack than crawling and indexing the Web. That’s a good idea since the Web includes good and bad source material, old and new articles, legitimate and not so legitimate scholarship and a whole lot of marketing — all of it warehoused for some period of time by the time your search query comes along.

    On the (mobile) mark
    Biznar has preselected a corpus of around 70 high-quality business sources and searches them all in real-time the moment that you launch your query. These sources include leading information destinations such as ResourceShelf and and Fortune, as well as Deep Web Technologies partners APA PsycARTICLES and APA PsycBOOKS.

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  • Biznar Mobile Search App: 5 Qs With CEO Abe Lederman

    Interview published on Mobile Groove
    Author: Peggy Anne Salz

    In this companion post to our Biznar mobile search app road test we catch up with Abe Lederman, CEO of Deep Web Technologies to explore his mobile roadmap and aim to open up more to third-parties and app developers.

    Let’s start with a high-level view of Deep Web Technologies…

    Deep Web Technologies started in 2002. We’re about 20 people, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and we started out by building public federated search applications for federal government clients. Our best known application is probably It’s a public site and searches about 50 different R&D data bases from across the U.S. federal government. We followed on with that searches about 80+ databases from all over the world, including databases that are not in English. We have a very unique patent-pending technology that does multi-lingual searching, so we can take a query, translate it from the user’s language to the languages of the databases being searched, which include German, French, Russian, Chinese — about 10 languages total.

    And then from there, we expanded into working with commercial customers. One of our customers is BASF [major German chemical company]. We’ve also expanded into providing federated search to academic libraries. Numerically, they’re the largest number of our customers, and the marquee customer on that list is Stanford University.

    The model for the company is mostly subscription based. Our customers, our partners pay us a subscription to develop, run and maintain applications. Stanford University, for example, pays us an annual fee to run the application for them. In the future, ad-based revenue can be a viable part of what we do. The mobile apps — Biznar and Mednar — are free.

    Tell me about your Biznar mobile app — where does it fit in your larger mobile strategy?

    So far, Biznar and Mednar are about us ‘dipping our toes into the water’ in mobile applications. Mobile isn’t a source of revenue, and the apps are free, so we have released our mobile apps without much promotion to watch the user response first. Having said that I think what we offer works well on an iPhone for people who are heading to a business meeting and need one last fact or piece of information to prepare for that meeting. Now, we get asked all of the time: “How is Biznar — or any of our apps — different from Google?” The difference is that we search quality information sources. Google has great stuff in its results, but it also has a lot of sources that are not so reputable or so useful. You don’t have that problem with Biznar.

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