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  • In Search of the Best Search

    A close second to hearing our customers rave about us is having a blogger rave about our public portals.  It’s like Wisconsin Law Journalgathering around a warm fireplace while a terrific snow storm rages outside, a scene many of us are familiar with on these cold, winter days.  When we ran across Bev Butula’s blog post on the Wisconsin Law Journal website “In Search of the Best Search”, our cheeks got a little rosier.

    Bev suggests a handful of public, alternative search engines for legal research for when “Google is not immediately producing the best results.”  Indeed, with Google only retrieving about .03% of the information on the internet (the Shallow Web), you have to wonder if you ever really find the best results.  Easy, yes, but Best?

    For some background, Deep Web Technologies has developed several public federated search portals to help educate others about the Deep Web (no, it’s not all Dark) as well as to show potential customers an example of what we can do.  Some of our customers have developed their own public search portals to distribute the staggering amount of information they have in their silos from a simple, easy-to-use interface.  While 99% of our applications are inaccessible to the public, we’re happy to claim our public “superstars.”

    Of the 5 alternative search engines Bev listed, Deep Web Technologies is proud to be the technology behind 2 of them:

    • – a federated search application hosted by OSTI that includes documents and information from federal websites.
    • – a medical research application that searches for full text on 60 sources.

    There are, however, a few applications that Bev may not know about that offer the same “deep web” technology that might benefit her readers:

    • – a deep web portal for research on Energy and the Environment.
    • National Library of Energy – the DOE’s National Resource for Energy Literacy, Innovation and Security.
    • – a federated search portal that aggregates social networks, financial sources, government sources, and news for business researchers.

    A big thank you to Bev Butula for pointing out that we are not crippled when Google doesn’t give us what we want.  We just need to look deeper.

  • Sixty Seconds to Find the Right Article – Mount Carmel’s Story

    We love it when our customers write about their search solution!  Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library (MCHSL) implemented their new federated search solution for a five-site hospital system and nursing college in October of 2012.  In October 2013, Mount Carmel published their initial review, titled “Implementation of a Federated Search in a Multi-Hospital System”, through the Journal of the Medical Library Association (JMLA).

    The most enthusiastic feedback that we have received was from a Mount Carmel College of Nursing instructor who used eSearcher to find articles for his course. He had allotted an hour in his schedule for the article search, but by using eSearcher his task was completed in sixty seconds! Other customer feedback has commended eSearcher’s authoritative results, fast response time, visual appeal, multiple filters, and overall presentation.

    One very important aspect that Deep Web Technologies offers Mount Carmel (and all of our customers!) is a neutral search engine. Many of our competitors weight their own information sources to rank higher on the results list, skewing result ranking in their favor.  “Medical Searcher offered impartial and seamless access to almost all of our premier medical databases.”  

    We hope that you are as successful as Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library in your searching!  And contact us if an impartial, strong search fits your needs.