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Wellspring Announces the Anavo Platform to Manage Technologies

Wellspring-2014Logo-blueRGBWellspring, Deep Web Technologies’ newest partner, announced today the unveiling of their next-generation software platform that simplifies how users find and manage new technologies.

This groundbreaking software framework, code-named “Anavo,” is the result of 18 months of research and development. The Anavo technology seamlessly integrates real-time search of internal and external databases with workflow, assessment, and routing tools.

Last month, DWT and Wellspring announced their partnership to enable users to find and evaluate emerging technologies quickly and efficiently through their Search Once Scouting™ product. Search Once Scouting is a critical component of the Anavo software:

Wellspring partnered with Deep Web Technologies to develop the Search Once Scouting™, technology that enables users to investigate new inventions, patents, publications, and expert profiles in over 30 authoritative databases simultaneously. Users can import relevant results directly with no data entry and immediately begin their opportunity evaluation process.

We’re excited to be a part of Wellspring’s new venture!