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January Webinar – Access Current Medical Research Quickly

Join us for a no-cost webinar to experience our Explorit Everywhere! Medical solutions right at your desktop. This engaging and educational webinar, led by Abe Lederman, CEO of Deep Web Technologies, will give attendees a firsthand demonstration of how Explorit Everywhere! Medical provides you comprehensive, one-stop access to your most important medical literature through a more thorough search, automatic alerts, and customized search pages. Attendees will see how Explorit Everywhere! Medical is used at leading medical libraries.

Why should you attend?
A September 2015 study by Commonwealth Fund identified the struggle physicians have juggling researchinsurance companies, new performance measurements and new technologies…all of which place patient care lower on the list of priorities. More and more medical organizations express concern over finding ways to efficiently address the changing healthcare landscape while staying true to their core purpose, one-on-one care.

Deep Web Technologies believes that our medical solutions will help. A Wolters Kluwer study in 2014 identified the top four information sources used by physicians: Professional Journals, General Search Engines (like Google), Colleagues and Online Free Services. Throw in clinical trials, ebooks, systematic reviews and drug resources and the amount of information available to medical staff can be overwhelming. With the number of activities on a physician’s daily punch list, research may mean going to the easiest, but not the most authoritative source to find information quickly (like Google), or delegating the task.

Medical organizations, hospitals and medical libraries must take advantage of new technologies that allow their researchers to find current information quickly and efficiently without spending much time learning how to do it. Deep Web Technologies’ Explorit Everywhere! Medical solution brings value to your organization by allowing you to search deeper, search more sources simultaneously, and to do that more effectively, without missing critical information.

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