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Sneak Peek – Explorit Everywhere! in 2016

One little peek can’t hurt, can it? Well, although we’re bursting with excitement about our new features, we don’t want to spoil the surprise – here are just a few enhancements you’ll see in Explorit Everywhere! in 2016. visualization

Part of our 2016 enhancements will focus on Explorit Everywhere! Multilingual (see for an example of Explorit Everywhere! Multilingual). We’ll also be expanding user interface localization so that all text on the page automatically appears in the user’s selected language for a seamless search experience. This will include the Arabic language with full support of right to left display.

The Explorit Everywhere! visualization tools will have some new additions as well. Right now, we have the ever popular text and visual clusters in addition to topics and filters on metadata, authors, dates and formats. We’ll be adding faceted navigation to the mix, allowing you and your researchers to drill down even further into your results set. And, get ready for some new visual tools to aid the researcher.

Search Builder and Alerts will receive a few tweaks, too. If you’re not a Deep Web Technologies’ customer yet, you can experience alerts on Biznar or on

Last, the MyLibrary feature (save, export or email results) will also allow you to save searches. Stay tuned for updates on this throughout the coming year.

Do you have suggestions for us to add to our list of future additions? Let us know and stay tuned for news as we unveil these features and more!