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MyLibrary – Explorit Everywhere!’s Filing Cabinet

At Deep Web Technologies we think that Explorit Everywhere! is the simplest way for researchers to perform a single search for results MyLibraryacross their various information sources, find relevant results and seamlessly process those results. But it’s that final part – processing results – that DWT just made simpler for our researchers through our new MyLibrary feature. MyLibrary has evolved over the years from Citations Manager, to My Selections, and now to the more full-featured MyLibrary.

A better way to think of MyLibrary, however, is as your library – A place to store your digital results, reference and organize your data, or share information with others. It’s a place to build your research world.

Whether collaborative or solitary, your research can consume big chunks of time out of a day. If you’re moving fast, you may browse dozens of results rapidly and set some aside to explore further. Those results might hold some interest for you on a topic separate from what you are currently researching and you want explore them at a later date. They might be relevant, but need additional follow up. Or maybe your workday has ended, and you’ll resume researching again tomorrow. Whatever the reason, MyLibrary allows you to put your research on hold without missing a beat.

Your results can be filed away similar to organizing folders in a filing cabinet. Once you’ve selected your results, MyLibrary lets you tag and categorize those results in a system that makes sense to you. Reference those saved results whenever you want – they are there until you delete them. Just log in to your Explorit Everywhere! application and click MyLibrary. When you are ready, you can print, email or export any or all of those results from any folder, at any time.

Oh, and don’t think our ambitious engineers could resist tweaking a few other things while they were fiddling with MyLibrary in Explorit Everywhere!. Now, once you log in, you can save results preferences and language preferences in localized applications. Have an idea to make MyLibrary even better? Let us know!