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  • Chemical Research By the Bay

    I just got back from an exhausting but very enjoyable 5 day trip to the Bay Area where, as usual, I crammed in as many activities and meetings as possible.

    I started out visiting a couple of colleges with my college-bound daughter who is planning to major in Biology (I’m sure that she’ll also be taking some chemistry courses as well). Then I visited friends, customers and prospects in my old haunting grounds (I lived in Silicon Valley most of the 80’s and the early 90’s). On Monday night one of my most senior employees drove 3 hours from Paradise (a small lovely town with a very cool name in the foothills of the Sierras) to have dinner with me in Fisherman’s Wharf. We took a cable car (his first in 30 years) to get from downtown to the Wharf area.

    Lest I forget to mention, I did manage to squeeze in an afternoon this past Tuesday (April 4, 2017) at the 253rd National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS). Let me digress for a minute. Speaking at the 253rd meeting of ACS got me curious as to when and where ACS held its first such meeting. So late Friday  afternoon/evening I recruited Grace, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Librarian at Stanford University to help me answer this question. Although ACS was formed in 1874, the first of these twice a year meetings wasn’t held until August 6-7, 1890 in Newport, RI.

    Back to my talk, I was invited to present the paper – Unique One Stop Access to a Multitude of Chemical Safety Resources to a workshop put on by CHAS (Chemical Health and Safety) Division of ACS. The paper summarized and demonstrated two gateways (a Stanford version and a publicly available version) that my company developed, working closely with Grace, that aggregate Chemical Safety information.

    Please check out the public gateway at:

    and do send me feedback through the blog on how we can improve the gateway.

    Finally, as I have been reflecting on the work in Chemical Safety that we’ve done it’s become clear that what we’ve done is most of the way towards being a powerful resource to help accelerate Chemical Research in general.


  • January Webinar – Access Current Medical Research Quickly

    Join us for a no-cost webinar to experience our Explorit Everywhere! Medical solutions right at your desktop. This engaging and educational webinar, led by Abe Lederman, CEO of Deep Web Technologies, will give attendees a firsthand demonstration of how Explorit Everywhere! Medical provides you comprehensive, one-stop access to your most important medical literature through a more thorough search, automatic alerts, and customized search pages. Attendees will see how Explorit Everywhere! Medical is used at leading medical libraries.

    Why should you attend?
    A September 2015 study by Commonwealth Fund identified the struggle physicians have juggling researchinsurance companies, new performance measurements and new technologies…all of which place patient care lower on the list of priorities. More and more medical organizations express concern over finding ways to efficiently address the changing healthcare landscape while staying true to their core purpose, one-on-one care.

    Deep Web Technologies believes that our medical solutions will help. A Wolters Kluwer study in 2014 identified the top four information sources used by physicians: Professional Journals, General Search Engines (like Google), Colleagues and Online Free Services. Throw in clinical trials, ebooks, systematic reviews and drug resources and the amount of information available to medical staff can be overwhelming. With the number of activities on a physician’s daily punch list, research may mean going to the easiest, but not the most authoritative source to find information quickly (like Google), or delegating the task.

    Medical organizations, hospitals and medical libraries must take advantage of new technologies that allow their researchers to find current information quickly and efficiently without spending much time learning how to do it. Deep Web Technologies’ Explorit Everywhere! Medical solution brings value to your organization by allowing you to search deeper, search more sources simultaneously, and to do that more effectively, without missing critical information.

    Register today!

  • “More than PubMed, Better than Google”

    That’s the tagline for the Helen Hayes Hospital MULTIsearch gateway and isn’t it great? Organizations medicaloften find that adding just a few words of explanation helps them successfully market their new Explorit Everywhere! search application to their researchers, and usage goes up. We thought that Helen Hayes did a wonderful job explaining why users benefit from using MULTIsearch instead of going directly to PubMed or Google. 

    MULTIsearch: More than PubMed®, Better than Google!


    Besides PubMed, MULTIsearch searches 15 ADDITIONAL RESOURCES!  So, YES—more than PubMed!


    Because these resources have been carefully selected for their reputable, reliable health care information, YOU DON’T HAVE TO SCAN A BAZILLION RESULTS to find the “good ones”!  So, YES—better than Google!

  • Wellspring Webinar – Simpler Way to Find and Manage Technology

    Wellspring-2014Logo-blueRGBWellspring,  a leader in efficient technology scouting, will host a webinar titled “The simpler way to find and manage technology” on December 2nd at 1pm ET/10am PT.

    Wellspring’s Search Once Scouting tool incorporates Deep Web Technologies’ Explorit Everywhere! federated search as a critical part of the knowledge supply chain. Eliminating search duplication, Search Once Scouting captures current and relevant knowledge and offers rich data output, simplifying a more cumbersome scouting process.

    With Wellspring’s Search Once Scouting tool, over 100 million records from over thirty authoritative sources are simultaneously searched and presented in the Wellspring for Technology Scouting and Corporate Venturing software solutions. Users can select a search result and dynamically import it as a new opportunity record with no data entry. Firms can then quickly route and evaluate technology and investment opportunities. Unlike spreadsheets, databases, or document-sharing systems, all opportunities can be managed with sourcing and investment processes united in one place, ensuring true collaboration and the application of best practices.

    You can read more about why Search Once Scouting offers technology scouting companies a boost in this article, “New, Better Way to Search for Technology” and register for the webinar here.

  • 2015 FEDLINK Fall Expo – We’ll be there!

    The FEDLINK fall exposition, FEDLINK Forward @ 50: Blazing the Information Frontier, is U.S. Capitol at Duskcoming up on November 9, 2015. Deep Web Technologies plans to be there, saddled up and rarin’ to go! The doors open at 8:30 a.m., and please stop by our table once the exhibits open at noon.

    Abe Lederman visited the Library of Congress earlier this year, and spoke about why Google isn’t suitable for serious government researchers. His presentation touched on these topics:

    • What is federated search?
    • Science research portals
    • Global resources that use multilingual translation tools

    While Deep Web Technologies powers several public federated search portals such as and National Library of Energy, we are also a FEDLINK approved vendor. If your organization has 10 or more research sources, stop by to speak with us about a search solution that may fit your needs.

  • DWT Trip to the UK – Resource Meeting Follow-up

    NHS-presWe’re happy to report that Abe Lederman’s trip to Coventry, UK for the first ever Resource Discovery Tools for Health Libraries meeting last week went well! Abe demonstrated the Explorit Everywhere! Medical solution running at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham to many lovely people, and listened to innovative librarians sharing their needs, problems and experiences. Take a look at his presentation online.

    Abe emphasized some of the advantages of Federated Search over Discovery Services, particularly being able to search all of the sources that are important to the user. This resonated with the librarians Abe spoke with.

    Finally, Nick Dimant, the Managing Director of our new partner in the UK, PTFS-Europe, was introducing us to one of their customers and described us as having “breathed new life” into federated search. We like it!

    If you are interested in the NHS product offering by DWT, please open the Explorit Everywhere! Medical flier for more information.

  • Biznar – A Deep Web Google Alternative

    Marcy Phelps recently posted her “Favorite Alternatives to Google” on her blog, Phelps Research. Her list of four top Google alternatives included DuckDuckGo, TinEye, WolframAlpha and Biznar.

    Biznar – When I need to cut through the clutter and focus on high-quality sources, I head to this deep web business research portal. Right now they draw results from about 100 authoritative sources, and they’re in the process of expanding that list.

    Of course, we were pleasantly surprised to hear about this since Biznar is one of four free public portals created and maintained by DWT.

    In a separate post on the Somerville Public Library Blog, “Searching the Deep Web“, the post author, Kevin, relays his surprising results from a broad Biznar search:

    Another database described in this article was BizNar, a business research database created by Deep Web Technologies.  I did a search for “cookies” (just because) and got hits for (among many other things) dessert blogs, a CNN report on the black market for cookies in Hong Kong (yes, really), a pay-to-view analysis of the world market for cookies, and a bid from the Bureau of Prisons stating that the penitentiary in Marion, IL is looking to purchase 10,000 cookies, 25,532 bagels and/or muffins and/or cinnamon rolls, and 64,440 shelf-stable flour tortillas. There were also (of course) lots of articles on the virtual cookies that marketing companies leave on your computer.

    DWT is in the process of adding and updating sources in Biznar. If you have suggestions on how to make the portal more useful, new sources to add, or category changes, please let us know!

  • DWT Heading to the UK in September

    Deep Web Technologies’ fearless leader, Abe Lederman, will travel from New Mexico, USA to Coventry, coventryUK to attend the first ever Resource Discovery Tools for Health Libraries meeting on September 11. The growing use of discovery tools in the healthcare sector prompts discussion about suitable technologies and the nature of search for health librarians.

    The event is hosted by the University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust.  Founded in 1948, the NHS includes four individual systems:

    The NHS aims to provide a wide range of free health services in response to the needs and requirements of the population.

    This event is free to all health librarians. DWT, as one of the event sponsors, will have an opportunity to present how Explorit Everywhere! applications further search and discovery in the healthcare industry.

    University Hospital, Coventry, United Kingdom
    Friday, 11 September 2015 from 10.00 to 16:00 (BST)
    More Information…

    If you plan on attending the conference and would like to meet with Abe, please let us know as soon as possible. His schedule is quickly filling up!

  • DWT Visits the Library of Congress

    Our CEO and CTO, Abe Lederman, journeyed to the Washington D.C. area this week to meet with FEDLINK librarians at the U.S. Capitol at DuskLibrary of Congress.  The Federal Library and Information Network (FEDLINK) serves federal libraries and information centers as their purchasing, training and resource-sharing consortium.

    Abe’s main purpose in visiting The District, aside from eating delicious food and admiring the start of the Cherry Blossom bloom (although the peak bloom is next week), was to expand FEDLINK librarians knowledge about federated search.  His presentation explored public federated search science portals as well as multilingual translation tools.  A large part of his talk was on Google, and why it isn’t suitable for serious government researchers.

    View Abe’s presentation here.

  • Welcome to our Board of Advisors

    We’d like to officially welcome the new Deep Web Technologies’ Board of Advisors!  The Board of Advisors will provide insights and strategic input to our executive staff and DWT’s mission.

    Mary Ellen Bates
    Bates Information Services, Inc.

    Mary Ellen Bates is the owner of Bates Information Services Inc., which she founded in 1991. She provides businessMary Ellen Bates
    research and analysis to strategic decision-makers, and consulting services to the information industry. She is a frequent keynote speaker and the author of seven books and innumerable articles on the information industry. Prior to starting her business, Bates managed specialized libraries within businesses and the federal government for over a decade. She received her Master’s in Library and Information Science from the University of California Berkeley in 1982 and her BA in Philosophy from the University of California Santa Barbara in 1976. She, her spouse and her dogs live near Boulder, Colorado.

    Richard Boulderstone
    British Library

    Richard Boulderstone is the British Library’s Chief Digital Officer with responsibility to drive the long-term digital rboulderstone_lge216transformation of the Library. At the British Library Richard has led; the engagement with the scientific community; its digital library, preservation and web archiving programmes as well as the Library’s IT function. Formerly a Chief Technology Officer and Product Development Director at a number of international information providers, he has led the creation of many information-based products both in the UK and USA. Richard also serves as the Chair on the WorldWideScience Alliance Board.

    Doug Dennis
    CEO of GridSentry

    Doug is currently the CEO of GridSentry.  Recently, he was CFO and Vice President of Strategic Partnering at Doug-Dennis-225x300inno360.  In that role, Mr. Dennis was responsible for partner strategy development and implementation which included building relationships with the portfolio of companies across the knowledge spectrum required to support the inno360 Open Innovation platform including networks of content, community, application, and service providers.  Mr. Dennis has an extensive background in sales, marketing, and manufacturing.  His vision for electronic commerce and web-deployed applications dates back to early uses of the Internet.  He has published articles on electronic commerce and manufacturing information deployment over the web.   He holds patents for 3D based view and markup technology that are currently being deployed in web browsers.

    Andrew Mendelsohn
    Oracle Database Server Technologies

    Andrew Mendelsohn is Executive Vice President for Database Server Technologies at Oracle. He is responsible for andy_mendelsohn[1]the development and product management of Oracle’s family of database products, including software products such as Oracle Database, Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database, Oracle Berkeley DB, and Oracle NoSQL Database and engineered systems such as Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Database Appliance, and Oracle Big Data Appliance.

    Mr. Mendelsohn has been at Oracle since May 1984. He began his career at Oracle as a developer on Release 5.1 of Oracle Database. Prior to joining Oracle, he worked at HP and ESVEL.

    Mr. Mendelsohn holds a BSE in electrical engineering and computer science from Princeton University and performed graduate work in computer science at M.I.T.

    Gary Voight
    Summa Technologies, Appfluent Technology

    Gary Voight has thirty years of experience leading large corporations and industry changing startups.  Currently, he Gary.Voight bigis a board member at Summa Technologies and Appfluent Technology.  Previously, he was the President and CEO at CorasWorks Corporation January 2008 through July 2014. CorasWorks provided applications for the Microsoft SharePoint platform.  Prior to CorasWorks Gary was President and CEO at Archivas, Inc., a venture capital backed digital preservation software firm, that was acquired by Hitachi in February 2007.  Under his direction, Archivas developed digital archiving software, and sold it to financial services, medical, government, services and educational enterprises.

    Prior to joining Archivas Gary was President and CEO of Software AG (Americas), where he grew the business to well over $200 million. He was Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Services of SAGA Software at the time of its acquisition by Software AG.  Before SAGA Software, Gary was Vice President of Worldwide Transactions Systems at IBM/Transarc – where he was responsible for most of IBM’s application server, middleware, security and file systems products.  Prior to his tenure at IBM and Transarc, Gary was Vice President of Sales at ISIS Distributed Systems, a subsidiary of Stratus Computer.  In addition, Gary spent over 13 years at Stratus Computer in a wide variety of field and headquarters positions.

    Thank you all for contributing to DWT’s success!

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