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  • Kudos to Data Planet from Charleston Advisor

    Data Planet was reviewed in April by the Charleston Advisor, a highly regarded critical review resource for libraries. Deep Web Technologies and Data Planet teamed up several years ago to create Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference, designed to be a more user friendly interface to finding and extracting data from their extensive repository and flagship product, Data-Planet Statistical Datasets.

    “Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference is designed to allow users to quickly navigate the 18.9 billion points of data contained in the repository, representing 3.9 billion time series covering thousands of geographic entities. With Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference, users can quickly search and view charts, maps, and rankings of time series at the country, state, county, MSA, postal code, and census-tract/block group levels. All of the data are drawn from authoritative sources and are citable. The product provides high-level summary information as well as detailed line item views.”



    Deep Web Technologies worked closely with Data Planet to create the Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference application and later, the Data Planet Related Content application (not referenced with the review).  Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference is an Explorit Everywhere! custom user interface that retrieves results via the Data Planet API.  Extensive work was done to create a simple UI to search the data, and to present results with accompanying information such as graphs, charts and statistics.  To enhance Ready Reference, an additional application, Related Content, was created to perform a Deep Web search for users to research topics beyond the Data Planet database.  For example, a Ready Reference Geographical search for “New York”, and a Subject search for “Airports” returns results from only the Data Planet database.  Clicking on a result link will take you to a Data Sheet with Sources, Dataset, graphs, charts and Subject Terms.  From the Data Sheet, however, you can continue to research your topic by clicking on the Related Content section – News or Scholarly – which opens a federated search application of selected Deep Web resources to retrieve related results.


    Data Planet received a composite score of 4 1/8 stars out of 5.  Both Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference and Data-Planet Statistical Datasets were included in the review, which judged Content, User Interface/Searchability, Pricing, and Contract Options. The reviewer, Jennifer Starkey of Oberlin College in Ohio mentions, “Data-Planet rates highly in comparison, with its broad coverage of subjects, focus on time series data, provision of raw data that can be downloaded or viewed using the analytical tools, and the overall number of data sources available.”

    This isn’t the first time that the Charleston Advisor has taken a close look at DWT. In 2012, Grace Baysinger, Head Librarian and Bibliographer at the Swain Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library and Tom Cramer, Chief Technology Strategist at Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources gave Deep Web Technologies a 4 3/8 out of 5 stars, based on their experience with Deep Web Technologies product. We’re still going strong!

    Data Planet plans on rolling out improvements to their Data-Planet Statistical Datasets over the next month. See the Data Planet blog to find out more information and where you can see their products in action.

  • Alternatives to Google in Science – DWT the MultiDisciplinary Winner!

    Every once in a while, a blog will post a list of what they view as the best science search engines.  DWT is always pleased when we see these, Le blog de Recherche  Quelles alternatives à Google dans le domaine scientifique   26èmes Journées du RNDHour research portals are perfectly suited for science research (and we almost always end up on these lists!). In early October 2013, one such list was published on Le blog de, a French blog devoted to revealing search tools in the “visible Web, the invisible web, the social web and real-time web”. The author, Beatrice Foenix-Riou, enumerated 5 categories in her post:

    1. Search engines for scientific literature (Multidisciplinary / multi-use)
    2. Multidisciplinary scientific portals
    3. Engines for multidisciplinary research / open access resources
    4. Research tools dedicated to the field of Health
    5. Search Engine Facts

    (Note that text was translated from French into English so these may not be exact.)

    Deep Web Technologies is happy to see that out of the five categories, we have built 5 of the search engines included and hold the entire Multidisciplinary scientific portal category!  Our search engines are:

    So a big thank you to Beatrice for her dedication to finding robust search tools covering such a broad scope of Science-related material.  We are thrilled to see our search engines listed there!

  • Reprints Desk – Outscoring Competitors in Outsell Scorecard

    A big congratulations to Reprints Desk, Deep Web Technologies’ Document Delivery Partner who received top ratings in the 2012 Outsell. Document Delivery puts crucial content in information specialists hands allowing a backup model for cancelled subscriptions or incomplete collections. In light of the growing need for Document Delivery services, Outsell conducted a short survey in September 2012.

    In the Scorecard, 3 specific categories of Document Delivery were evaluated:

    • Depth and breadth of coverage: One of the critical elements of a document delivery supplier’s service is how comprehensive and deep its reach is across subjects. This attribute measures whether or not the content available from the vendor is what the buyer requires.
    • Fair pricing: It is typical for buyers to want lower prices. We asked buyers to rate how reasonable (fair) they believe providers’ pricing to be. 
    • Ease of doing business: Sales staff turnover, company restructuring or acquisition, customer service, and processes or methods that fit the needs of enterprise buyers are factors in the ease of working with vendors.

    In all areas, Reprints Desk was the highest rated Document Delivery vendor, scoring 4.4 out of 5 in Overall Satisfaction.  “Reprints Desk has penetrated the market since it opened up in 2006, and its reputation for working closely with its customers has won it many fans.”

    We’re pleased to be partnering  with Reprints Desk, providing our joint customers with a state-of-the-search capability integrated with the best Document Delivery service on the market.   Stay tuned for some exciting new enhancements to Article Galaxy Search coming soon.