Explorit Features


We know it’s important to understand how Explorit Everywhere! will benefit you in your quest for knowledge discovery. Keep in mind that one of Explorit Everywhere’s major strengths is the ability to fulfill a variety of specific needs that may be different for different customers. The below features are standard with every Explorit Everywhere! deployment. If you are looking for a feature that you do not see here, please contact us.

Simple Search One intuitive search page accesses all sources and generates de-duplicated, aggregated and ranked results.
Advanced Search Powerful advanced search capabilities allow you to choose your sources to search, enter multiple search requirements and specify dates.
Full Text Search Limit search results to display only results with full text links.
Incremental Results Real-time results display quickly from faster sources, while slower sources are searched in the background and may added when the search is complete.
Related Content Sidebar Displays news, definitions, wiki information or other related content on the right side of the results page.
Intelligent Clustering Clusters will group semantically in text or visual groups to help narrow results.
Flexible Filters and Sorts Narrow your results list view by date, rank, title, author and source.
Tabs Segregate results into tabs for simple identification and viewing of results types.
Personal Library Save selected results for future use or upload to your citation manager such as RefWorks or EndNote.
Automatic Alerts Stay updated on new information via daily or weekly emails or your RSS/ATOM feed.
Search Statistics Graphical charts show usage, reliability, performance and ROI across information sources.
Search Builder Create multiple, custom search engines for departments and groups within your organization.
Robust Connectors Explorit will extract the most information from each of your sources, so your knowledge is always complete.
Connector Monitoring The Deep Web Technologies’ connector monitoring team will immediately catch, fix and update your connectors to keep them operating at peak performance.
Fast Delivery Our Professional Services Group will handle your application from requirements to deployment, quickly and efficiently.
Web Services Layer Tightly integrate our robust, fully documented API with your internal and proprietary needs.