Existing customers of Deep Web Technologies know one thing for sure: we are much more than Explorit.

Right now we satisfy the needs of government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and other global organizations with extraordinary technology, critical reliability and unfailing support.

Whether hosted by us or installed behind organizations’ firewalls, Explorit offers faster, deeper, more intelligently organized search results than any of our competitors.

No matter how powerful our technology may be we do not let our egos get in the way of seeing that technology put to good use.

If it suits a particular company or government agency, the entire Explorit interface can be free of any Deep Web Technologies branding. All users will see is a discreet statement that says “Powered by Deep Web Technologies”.

We know from experience that this gives users a sense of confidence that they are searching from within their own organization’s approved IT system and that, where it is of critical concern, security and protection of proprietary data are fully maintained.

At Deep Web Technologies we know that how you use our technology is more important than who created it. Which is why you will have an experience with us that none of our competitors can match. We exist to serve you. It’s as simple as that.