Monthly Newsletter - March 2016
Deep Web Technologies has been busy working with Stanford University to create a Chemical Safety portal to search across multiple chemical sources. Even though it's still in development, we'll give you a sneak peek. Let us know what you think!

We also explored the possibility of partnering with a Discovery Service. You may be raising eyebrows at this point, but please, read more about the idea of "Co-opetition" below.

Enjoy the month of May!
Recent Posts

Co-opetition with the Discovery Services

A couple of weeks ago I woke up to an email message from one of our partners in Europe asking if we could federate the enclosed list of sources for one of their prospects. Before I had a chance to respond to his message, my partner followed with a second email saying that he forgot to include the prospect’s EBSCO Discovery Service as one of the sources for us to federate. As I reviewed the list of sources that we would need to federate for this prospect I found that a couple of these sources were Ex-Libris Primo Discovery Services...

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Is Federated Search Used in Pharma?

I just came across this Fall 2014 survey conducted by one of our competitors who shall remain nameless (at least until you click on the link at the end of this blog post) which I found interesting and wanted to share with our readers. Our competitor surveyed members of SLA (Special Library Association), mostly members of the PHT (Pharmaceutical & Health Technology) Division on whether they use federated search today and if not would they find federated search useful and what features would such a federated search solution need to have...

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Explorit Everywhere! Search Builder – Have Search Your

Problem – Your Explorit Everywhere! solution (particularly at academic institutions) is typically setup to search a wide spectrum of sources that aren’t always relevant to every researcher or student. Special groups (e.g. the Chemistry Department, the Psychology 101 course, or the High Energy Physics Division within a research lab) may prefer to search only a handful of resources, and don’t want to be overwhelmed...

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