Monthly Newsletter - August 2015
It's hard to believe that September 1st is tomorrow. 2015 is flying by! Deep Web Technologies own CEO Abe Lederman is heading to the UK in a week to attend the first ever Resource Discovery Tools for Health Libraries meeting on September 11. We're busy making preparations for the trip! Here is some of our recent news...
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Keep It Simple, Searcher

Explorit Everywhere! supports all kinds of fancy search logic, such as Boolean operators, nested parenthesis and advanced search fields. This is a big selling point for organizations with researchers who want to search for a precise bit of information, retrieve a small result set, and then narrow that set of results even further with filters and sorts. Serious researchers know...

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Accenture Predicts One-Stop Shopping for Procurement Offices

Spend Matters July 29, 2015 post, Accenture and the Future of Procurement Technology: The Virtual Company Mall, discusses one of five focus areas for advancement in e-procurement technologies mentioned in the Accenture Report, Procurement’s Next Frontier...

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DWT Partners with Microsoft Translator

We are now a Microsoft Translator Alliance Partner. DWT was invited to join the brand new Microsoft Translator Partner program which is designed to create opportunities for businesses to deliver best-in-class translation solutions. DWT uses the Microsoft Translator API to create multilingual search solutions for global customers. These solutions tap into the available Microsoft Translator languages...

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Navigating the World of Explorit Everywhere!

As much as we like to think that Explorit Everywhere! is simple to use, it still holds the junior heavyweight championship title for feature-rich technologies. Throw on top of that the concepts of “federated search”, “Deep Web”, and “discovery services”, and it’s easy to get lost in a maze of information. Since Deep Web Technologies is all about pulling the needle out of the haystack for you, we thought it was time to create an easy reference post on the world of Explorit Everywhere!. Want to know where you can find out about how we rank results? How about federated search or the Deep Web? Take a gander through some of these posts...

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