Monthly Newsletter - February 2016
Was your February as hectic as ours? Between Super Bowl (yes, we have some avid watchers here), the President's Day holiday weekend and new Explorit Everywhere! developments and upgrades, we've been busy! This is the time of year when things are rushing forward, not at a leisurely, rolling pace, but at a mad, frantic swoosh that we at Deep Web Technologies thoroughly love to surf.

Thanks to those of you who have given us feedback and testimonials on how your organization uses Explorit Everywhere!. We're always thrilled to hear your stories as you'll see in one of the blog articles below. Also, please read below about the MyLibrary feature, new in Explorit Everywhere! 5.0.

On a fun note, have you ever wondered about leap days? Enjoy this article and video by Slate. Happy Leap Day!
Recent Posts

Keep It Local…Or At Least Localized

In the United States, most of our public websites are in English. We’re used to searching, clicking to our result and reading the web page instructions, navigation and results in English. And, if we happen to run across a page that is in a different language, most browsers will translate the page to English so we can continue our research. This on-demand approach works for random, public websites researchers encounter, but not for steadfast Explorit Everywhere! users who regularly use Explorit Everywhere! as their main...

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MyLibrary – Explorit Everywhere!’s Filing Cabinet

At Deep Web Technologies we think that Explorit Everywhere! is the simplest way for researchers to perform a single search for results MyLibraryacross their various information sources, find relevant results and seamlessly process those results. But it’s that final part – processing results – that DWT just made simpler for our researchers through our new MyLibrary feature. MyLibrary has evolved over the years from Citations Manager, to My Selections, and now to the more full-featured MyLibrary...

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A Whole Day’s Search Resolved in Minutes

Customer stories are the lifelines of Deep Web Technologies. We revel in hearing how an unassuming researcher shortened their workday and redirected their energy toward other tasks. Or how a Nursing Instructor had allotted an hour for an article search and his task was complete in sixty seconds! The story below comes from our friend Anita Wilcox at the University College Cork Library. ..

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