Monthly Newsletter - January 2016
Happy New Year! While temperatures here in New Mexico have been dipping into single digits, Deep Web Technologies is warming up for a spectacular year ahead. See below for a sneak peek into a few updates that 2016 will bring to Explorit Everywhere!. Also, our January medical webinar was so successful, we'll be having another one in early March. Please spread the word to your interested colleagues - they can register here.

As upgrades of customer applications to the latest version of Explorit Everywhere! continue, we'd love to hear your feedback on your new application! Also, what are you doing to market your Explorit Everywhere! application to your researchers?Click here to tell us your story
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Sneak Peek – Explorit Everywhere! in 2016

One little peek can’t hurt, can it? Well, although we’re bursting with excitement about our new features, we don’t want to spoil the surprise – here are just a few enhancements you’ll see in Explorit Everywhere! in 2016. Part of our 2016 enhancements will focus on Explorit Everywhere! Multilingual (see for an example of Explorit Everywhere! Multilingual).

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Have It Your Way

What makes a search app easy to use? Lots of things, such as intuitive navigation, a sleek interface, tooltips, and…personalization. Sometimes spending the extra time making an app “yours” is exactly what it takes to make the app more “usable.” For example, the first thing I do when I find a new start page or website that I’ll be using robustly every day is to personalize it. I add in the widgets that I know will help me out on my quest for efficiency...

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Google Is All I Need…Oh Really?

When we’re young and naive, we think that Google knows everything, from climate change to competitor data, from media impressions to military intelligenceGoogle-myth. If it’s not in Google, then we won’t find it anywhere. Thanks, and have a nice day. This unfortunate misconception is the plight many libraries face today: How do you reclaim your library from the overpowering presence of Google?

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