Monthly Newsletter - July 2015
Deep Web Technologies is forging ahead with its next-generation Explorit Everywhere! search technology. Did you see the press release on the Explorit Everywhere! upgrade. If you are customer, you should have already been contacted by your project manager to update your application to the latest version of Explorit Everywhere!. In the meantime, here's a quick look at what's happened over the last month.
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Deep Web Technologies is SMAC-down in the Midst of Things

I recently had a conversation with a VC and he brought up the acronym “SMAC”. SMAC, he explained, stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, and pointed out that these four areas are red-hot with investors now. In a Forbes, May, 2014, Ravi Puri, Senior Vice President, North America Oracle defined SMAC...

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Federated Search - The Killer iWatch App?

The Beagle Research Group Blog posted “Apple iWatch: What’s the Killer App”, including this line: “An alert iwatchmight also come from a pre-formed search that could include a constant federated search and data analysis to inform the wearer of a change in the environment that the wearer and only a few others might care about, such as a buy or sell signal for a complex derivative.”

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Explorit Everywhere! Goes Mobile

Nowadays, everyone seems to have a mobile device. Over 80% of internet users who own a smartphone use it to access the internet. Almost 60% of the total digital users in the U.S. visit the web through a variety of mobile devices (comScore). We’re in a global, mobile wave, expected to continue with a projected 50 billion connected devices by 2020 (Cisco). That’s 10 zeros of mobile connection worldwide!

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The Deep Web Is Not All Dark

The Deep Web and the Dark Web are topics of intrigue, particularly since the FBI shut down the Silk Road website in October of 2013. Many inaccurately use the terms Deep Web and Dark Web interchangeably, fueled by the Deep Web movie released in May. However, the Dark Web is only a small portion of the Deep Web.

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