Monthly Newsletter - March 2016
Federated Search is marching on! More and more articles appear on the world wide web about why federated search is vital to the advancement of certain technologies. Are we surprised? No. This month we've added our comments to an article by Simon Bain about Federated Search - read more below.

Science Researchers - We're thrilled to see yet another review of, a multilingual federated search portal powered by Explorit Everywhere!. Take a look and let us know your thoughts.

Enjoy April! ~Your friends at Deep Web Technologies
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Search’s Unsatisfactory Progress

Simon Bain, CEO of SearchYourCloud recently wrote an article for IT ProPortal, “The search continues: A history of search’s unsatisfactory progress.” In his article, Simon expands on a survey conducted by SearchYourCloud in which a third of respondents said they “spend between five and 25 minutes searching every time they want to find a document, while only one in five searches is correct the first time. The search for corporate information is eating into workplace productivity. Only 20 per cent of respondents reported first time successful searches...

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What Am I Searching (And Do I Care?)

Indexed discovery services are a lot like Google: you can search simply and get results quickly, but the sources you are searching tend to be mysterious. Do you know if you are searching specialized sources or generic sources? Authoritative or with an agenda? When a researcher pushes the search button, they get whatever results are deemed relevant from whatever sources are included, and they can’t limit their search to only the sources that matter to them. For some researchers, knowing the sources behind the search really makes no difference to them at all...

Read More – a Cut Above the Web just received yet another pat on the back from the blog Inside Science Resources. Khue Duong, Science Librarian at California State University, Long Beach, posted a review titled, “WorldWideScience, a Cut above the World Wide Web.” Yes, the title summarizes it well. Users are often surprised to learn that the engine behind is a federated search engine, bursting the myth that federated search is an antiquated, dusty bit of technology that doesn’t aggregate source results and is dreadfully slow...

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