Monthly Newsletter - October 2015
Calling all FEDLINK libraries!
The FEDLINK fall exposition is right around the corner on November 9th. If you plan on attending, please stop by and see Abe Lederman, our CEO, at the exhibits. Don't forget to mark your calendars for the upcoming Military Libraries Training Workshop December 6-9. Happy Halloween!
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The Last of the Major Discovery Services is Independent no More

On October 6, ProQuest announced its intent to acquire Ex-lIbris, the Israeli company that provides a number of library mergeautomation products and services, and also provides the Primo Discovery Service. So, soon all three of the major Discovery Services – EDS, Summon and Primo will be owned by EBSCO and ProQuest, two multi-billion dollar companies, who are fierce competitors and whose primary business is selling content and not Discovery Services...

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The Tough Choice: Abstaining from Discovery

Lots of libraries are doing it, sneaking off one day and subscribing to a discovery service. And after all, they’re catering to a new generation of researchers. The Google generation obsessively searches for everything – from restaurants to their next date. Many libraries are adopting discovery services as their new search of choice because it works fast and it’s good enough to give their undergrads...

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Wellspring Announces the Anavo Platform to Manage

Wellspring, Deep Web Technologies’ newest partner, announced today the unveiling of their next-generation software platform that simplifies how users find and manage new technologies. This groundbreaking software framework, code-named “Anavo,” is the result of 18 months of research and development. The Anavo technology seamlessly integrates real-time search of internal and external databases with workflow, assessment, and routing tools. Last month, DWT and Wellspring announced their partnership...

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Why A Federated Search?

Editor’s Note: This is a guest article by Anita Wilcox, E-resources Librarian at Boole Library, University College Cork in Ireland. The UCC library is an Explorit Everywhere! customer, and Anita, ever our advocate, graciously accepted the invitation to write a blog post for the Deep Web Technologies blog “Customer Corner” amidst her busy schedule. Anita’s Enterprise Search Europe presentation may be viewed here.

When we opted for a federated search system in University College Cork Library, we were mindful of UCC’s strategic mission of becoming one of the best research universities in Ireland and globally. We realised that only a Federated Search System (FSS) can complement the student experience in the University.

However, with the advancement of Discovery tools, now called, Resource Discovery tools, we have come under tremendous pressure. Using Google as a benchmark, we are constantly being told that an FSS does not bring back properly ranked results, forgetting that it is Google that doesn’t necessarily bring back properly ranked results!

Recently, I went to the Enterprise Search Europe conference in London Olympia. It was a parallel conference to the Internet Librarian International conference; only this one is aimed at business enterprises. And the resources are mostly corporate knowledge base kept in-house; so search criteria is different. In Libraries we search almost all third party resources and our own Institutional repositories plus our catalogue. What amused me was the anecdotes like the CEO of an enterprise who thinks Google catches everything that is necessary for their work, and therefore “search doesn’t work!” Read more...

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