Monthly Newsletter - September 2015
Welcome to Fall!
We at Deep Web Technologies are thoroughly enjoying the sights and sounds of fall here in enchanting New Mexico. The leaves are just hinting at change, and the air has turned crisp and cool. It's really perfect timing to welcome Wellspring as a new, DWT partner. Read the press release below! Also, FEDLINK librarians, mark your calendars to see Abe Lederman, CEO of DWT, at the Fall Expo on November 9, 2015. In the meantime, here are a few of our recent posts...
Recent Posts

DWT Trip to the UK – Resource Meeting

We’re happy to report that Abe Lederman’s trip to Coventry, UK for the first ever Resource Discovery Tools for Health Libraries meeting last week went well! Abe demonstrated the Explorit Everywhere! Medical solution running at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham to many lovely people, and listened to innovative librarians sharing their needs, problems and experiences. Take a look at his presentation online...

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Deep Web for Enterprises – what you can learn about competitors and customers and vice-versa

Editor’s Note: This is a guest article by Andreea-roxana Obreja. We might be using the “Deep Web” every day without calling it this way or even being aware of its existence. Simply filling in a web form enables us to access the Deep Web and retrieve data from a variety of databases, some of which are free, subscription-based or have major access costs attached. ...

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Free Deep Web Search Portals

Deep Web Technologies proudly powers the technology behind many public search portals, some built for clients to surface their information, others built by DWT to showcase our technology. While most public portals don’t have the subscription or premium resources available to private clients, many of them have deep web resources otherwise unavailable through popular search engines....

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Wellspring and Deep Web Technologies Partner for One-Stop Access to Find the Most Promising Opportunities

Chicago, IL, and Santa Fe, NM—September 23, 2015 — Wellspring, the leader in technology scouting, technology transfer, and corporate venturing software, and Deep Web Technologies(DWT), the leader in next-generation federated search, announced a partnership that transforms how organizations find and evaluate emerging technologies. The integrated software system delivers the capability for organizations to search simultaneously from over thirty authoritative sources, including patent, publication, expertise, and invention databases, to discover the highest potential opportunities and investments.

Attendees of the Wellspring User Group Meeting in Chicago on October 8 and 9 will be the first to see the new tool, named Search Once Scouting.

The jointly developed solution will be integrated into Wellspring’s software platform to offer a simple, fast way to find technologies, import them as new records with no data entry, then manage the evaluation and acquisition process. Over 100 million records are simultaneously searched in real time with aggregated, ranked, and deduplicated results delivered to eliminate wasted effort. Within Wellspring’s software platform, innovation-driven companies can quickly route and evaluate technology and investment opportunities imported from the search. Technology transfer offices can utilize Search Once Scouting to evaluate the competitive landscape. Unlike spreadsheets, databases, and document-sharing systems, all opportunities can be managed with sourcing and investment processes united in one place to ensure true collaboration and best practices application. Read more...

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