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"When the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government." Thomas Jefferson

Whether you’re Man framing picture of airplane with his handsa federal government agency or a local municipality; whether you maintain internal libraries or have public facing portals; whether you’re monitoring the latest data for national security, or aggregating journals for a government library, Explorit Everywhere! gives you the confidence that you’re accessing all the relevant information you need in a fast, efficient search.

Explorit Everywhere! ensures you find the most current information as soon as it’s available, wherever that information lives. One search of all of your sources for essential information. Yes, this is real.

See also Explorit Everywhere! for FEDLINK Libraries or Military Libraries.

From public websites to government repositories of information, Explorit Everywhere! is your fastest, most effective, highest performing discovery solution.

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The DOE resource for Energy Information

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BASFlogo The Department of Energy trusts the research tools provided by Deep Web Technologies to find current research across a variety of databases and websites.
AFRL-logo Air Force Research Laboratories are dedicated to leading discovery and development of technology programs. Deep Web Technologies’ AFRL customers include Kirtland, Rome and Wright-Patterson.

“For the first time in the history of the Internet, scientists and citizens alike can search distant and remote national scientific databases in real time and receive precise, relevance-ranked results in seconds. No other search engine can do this because these databases reside in the “deep web” where traditional search engines generally cannot reach.”

-Ray Orbach, former Under Secretary of United States, on launch of Science.gov