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"There are literally as many ideas as there are organisms." Janine Benyus

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Advances in life sciences depend on information discovery – real-time retrieval of information that you need right now.

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How much time do you spend looking for your information?

“The most enthusiastic feedback that we have received was from a researcher who used eSearcher to find articles for his course. He had allotted an hour in his schedule for the article search, but by using eSearcher his task was completed in sixty seconds!”

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Explorit Everywhere! takes your vital information sources and makes them accessible from a single search box.  With a variety of presentations, customizations and search options, Explorit Everywhere! saves you money and time while boosting efficiency.

“Anything that saves all of us time as we hunt for relevant data amidst overwhelming amounts of information on every conceivable aspect of disease day after day catches my attention and it has been caught today by Mednar.”  

– Hope Leman, altsearchengines.com