Explorit Everywhere!

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Looking for a single search? Here are just a few of the phrases that we hear every day from people like you who want to understand how Explorit Everywhere! will help:

  • We must improve our ROI across all of our resources.
  • We need to increase our efficiency, but retain a high level of results.
  • Our researchers need to work fast, work smart, and work with a lower budget.

The truth is that most digital content discovery services available today leave researchers dissatisfied. They may increase your efficiency, but at what cost? They may help you work fast, but are you finding all of the relevant information available across all of your sources?

Explorit Everywhere! is designed to search all of your sources and intuitively navigate you through a quick search to efficiently find and apply your information when and where you need it. 

8 reasons why you need Explorit Everywhere! 

  1. All of your content will be accessible to search from one box.
  2. You can include all of your sources, subscription, public, catalog or internal.
  3. You’ll see fast, real-time results (not indexed/stale).
  4. Dynamically rank, filter and categorize your search results.
  5. Select and store your results to review anytime.
  6. Receive daily alerts of new, relevant knowledge.
  7. Place custom search boxes everywhere your users want them – on any web page, browser or mobile device.
  8. Implementation cost and time is a fraction of creating a large index of your content.
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“Deep Web Technologies is one of those companies that has a solid product and a strong customer base. With roots in the early days of search, Abe Lederman has continued to innovate. Take a close look at the Deep Web services. This will be time well spent.”  

-Stephen Arnold, IT blogger at ArnoldIT