Explorit Overview


In some circles, federated search has been branded as an inferior technology. Its detractors make blanket statements that federated search is slow, that it is limited in the number of sources which it can search simultaneously, and that lack of a central index severely limits the ability of federated search to deliver relevant results.

Proper discernment allows potential customers of federated search to see beyond the detractors’ half truths. While there are many poor implementations of federated search, Deep Web Technologies has developed a solution, Explorit, that searches hundreds of sources simultaneously and that returns highly relevant results, organized into facets for intuitive exploration.

Explorit differentiates itself from other implementations of federated search through these features:

* Simultaneous searching of all sources
* Return of results within seconds
* Intelligent Clustering of search results
* Customizable Search Builder for multiple user groups
* Automatic Alerts and Incremental Search
* Usage statistics and Administration tools
* Highly flexible sort and filter options
* Customer Interface design choices